Artificial Intelligence Designed for CRE

Boost your NOI in 1-3% across your asset portfolio by automatically finding hidden improvements in your property’s existing data

Empower Owners and Property Managers

Okapi transforms your endless stream of data into actionable AI notifications that alert both decision makers and teams on the ground on anomalies and underlying problems in real-time, and recommend actions that improve responsiveness to tenants, optimize leasing efficiency, and drastically reduce costs of operating the property

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How it works

It's simple - All we need is access to your data

Okapi is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution, which seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Okapi’s proprietary machine learning algorithms alert users to underlying problems, anomalies, and trends and gather recommendations for potential action. Each employee receives real-time personalized notifications, helping them prioritize actions to achieve their goals.

Our algorithms


Root Cause Detection

Instantly capture the big picture
alongside granular visibility on
cause and effect


Sensitivity Analysis

Utilize accurate, customized
operational metrics to achieve
business goals


Anomaly Detection

Benefit from real-time alerts
to identify changes from
existing patterns.


Predictive Engine

Support effective business planning
by forecasting and implementing
preventative action.

Ready to Harness your Property’s Data?

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