Optimize Manufacturing Performance with Real-Time AI Notifications

Improved gross profit by millions in the first year of using Okapi

Okapi for Manufacturing

“Okapi’s Artificial Intelligence notifications provide station managers with the inputs they need to make better decisions.”

Shai Fine, Kanfit

Okapi's intelligent personal notifications advisor drives improved manufacturing productivity and reduces production costs

Draw actionable insights from sensors and existing IT systems

Improve Overall
Effectiveness (OEE)

labor costs

Shorten production
cycle time

Achieve superior

Experience a Measurable Impact on Key Business Areas


Improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by optimizing production settings such as raw materials, speed or temperature. This reduces defects and waste, increases production speed and ensures maximum uptime. With the support of Okapi’s AI algorithms, operational excellence becomes tangibly closer with each insight.


Prevent problems in product quality before they happen by becoming proactive in your production line. Improve parameters like First Time Test (FTT) and increase your overall yield by understanding the root causes of underlying quality issues.

Supply Chain

Find anomalies in your inventory base for reduced overall costs, stock management, and inventory write-offs. By drilling down into areas such as shipping or procurement, decision-makers can make quicker, smarter choices about budget and supplies, reduce shipping and material costs, and increase revenues.


Gaining a deeper understanding of your machinery and equipment performance enables you to fix problems ahead of time, saving costs and improving uptime. Compliance and regulatory checks become seamless and hassle-free, and the staff is empowered to be increasingly productive, raising the overall efficiency of your production lines.

Ready to Gain Competitive Advantage with Okapi's Personal AI Advisor ?

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