Maximize Net Operating Income
with Real-Time Personalized AI
Notifications for CRE

Boost your tenant satisfaction rates and optimize your property leasing

Okapi for Real Estate

“Okapi was immediately adopted, easily used and our staff loved it at the operational level. This technology has so much potential, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.”

Cheryl Gray, Executive Vice President, QuadReal Property Group

Okapi helps property owners and operators increase their NOI by leveraging machine learning algorithms that produce real-time, actionable and personalized notifications for asset management, property management, and engineering teams

Draw actionable insights from sensors and existing IT systems







& occupancy



vendors, energy,

maintenance, and

staffing costs

Experience a Measurable Impact on Key Business Areas

Power of AI

Each tenant expects timely, quality service, even when you have thousands of individuals across multi-campus enterprises. Okapi identifies changes in normal behavior and identifies the underlying problems. Looking at significant areas such as completion time, response time and more, property managers can see at a glance both the ‘Big Picture’ of every job site, as well as the granular detail of each tenant’s satisfaction rates and their root causes.


Working in crisis mode can be expensive and stressful. Okapi’s Predictive Analysis allows you to plan for any eventuality, enabling you to proactively fix pressing issues. Your staff is given a tool to ensure ongoing equipment monitoring that solicits proactive maintenance activities before a breakdown even occurs, thus substantially reducing costs.


Leverage AI to analyze the relationship between the workload and your team capacity, accurately assigning staff and resources to each project. Create benchmarks across your portfolio to recognize the resources that are beneficial to your bottom line, helping establish relevant vendor relationships and identifying the trends that can be used to your advantage.


Tracking cash flow is essential in commercial real-estate, as any deficiencies can affect your ability to take on the next acquisition. With Okapi, you can monitor more than just ERP systems; predict changes to customer payment behavior, track recurring payment delays, and alert the business on behaviors that could affect the company’s cash flow ahead of time.

Ready to Gain Competitive Advantage with Okapi's Personal AI Advisor ?

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