Okapi AI for Real Estate

Your Risk

Predict and evaluate tenant-lease risk 

Your Tenants

Anticipate needs to increase tenant comfort and happiness

Your Buildings

Forecast operational inefficiencies to improve building operations

Your Business

Automate manual tasks to streamline internal processes and workflows 

Risk management has become a top priority for CRE executives

The current process of evaluating risk involves asking the finance team to prepare an assessment based on limited data and “gut feeling”. As we enter this “new normal”, a more data driven approach is needed in order to better gauge and prepare for potential tenant risk. Responding to the urgent needs of our CRE partners, Okapi AI has developed a new product module to solve for this. 

Okapi AI’s has built the most precise and credible Risk Assessment resource available. Okapi AI tracks over 30 Risk Factors containing multiple data points, from multiple internal and external data sources, run them through our proprietary Algorithms in order to create the most accurate and up to date Tenant Risk Profile/Score. Our Knowledge Graphs connects and feeds Tenant Profile Data, Lease Data and Market Data into our Machine Learning Engine in order to predict various lease events such as Termination, Renewal etc. and provides overall Tenant-Lease risk at the Tenant, Asset and Portfolio level.

Okapi AI uncovers hidden links between CRE data sources to reveal insights that improve portfolio operations, while integrating into existing workflows.

Tenant Satisfaction

Are my tenants satisfied?

Most landlords have little to no visibility into their tenants’ level of comfort and happiness in their workspace.

Okapi AI Tenant Pulse™

Accurately measure tenant satisfaction in real time and recommend actions to resolve issues and improve relationships with building end users.

Tenant Pulse™         +10%         

Building Operations

Can my buildings run more efficiently?

Service is typically performed in response to work orders, once issues cause a real problem for your tenants or your staff.

Okapi Service AI

Monitor the data your organization is collecting in real time to report on changes that could indicate operational inefficiencies or potential system failures.

Operational Cost -5%

Financial Efficiency

Can I fulfill my revenue potential?

Manual processes often lead to financial errors within CRE organizations.

Okapi Financial AI

Automate manual tasks and streamline internal workflows to eliminate accounting errors while allowing staff to engage in more meaningful work.

Revenue +3%

How does Okapi AI work?

Okapi AI monitors your building and business data to learn day-to-day tenant and building behaviors. The insights inform Okapi’s predictions of where and when problems are likely to occur within your organization or portfolio.

Okapi AI translates data insights into actionable recommendations on how to mitigate issues before they snowball into service, operational or financial issues.

Once a potential issue has been flagged, Okapi AI continues to monitor it and keeps relevant team members in the loop on how to resolve it.

Okapi AI also weighs external sources of data, including external market data, social data and location data to make predictions on how these factors could negatively impact your tenants, building performance and business so you can get in front of the issue.

Okapi offers a bird's eye view through personalized visual reports ensuring you stay on top of everything.

Learn how Okapi can help you forecast risks better

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