You Know Your Tenants,
We Know Risk

Prepare, predict and make better data-driven decisions to protect your NOI

Trusted by Industry Leaders

In a Constantly Changing World, It's Not Enough to Keep Up with Risk - You Have to Predict it

Backed by unparalleled AI technology, Okapi is your go-to source for confidently mitigating risk for: 

  • Reviewing lease-risk 
  • Optimizing your reactions 
  • Evaluating leases up for renewal
  • Conducting due diligence-for new tenants or asset acquisitions 
  • Reviewing portfolio risk

Before Okapi, our quarterly leasing risk report was done based on the subjective input by the asset management team, and we didn't feel like we had an accurate view of where our real portfolio risks were

VP Asset Management

We now have a better understanding of COVID"s impact our financial results. Thanks to Okapi, predictions we provide to our management and board are much more reliant, and are backed up by risk reports that paint a very clear picture

VP Finance

Okapi has been instrumental in our ability to manage our leasing risk analysis activity. We can assess the viability of the customers coming out of this situation and optimize our reactions to their changing needs

EVP, Portfolio Management

Learn how Okapi can help you forecast risk better

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