Monitor the Health of Your Lease-Risk Assessment Process

And Build Forecasts with Clarity and Confidence
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    In a constantly changing commercial real estate landscape, being aware of tenant-related lease risk and mitigating it have become more critical than ever.


    While in the past, risk evaluations and forecasting were mostly saved for due diligence prior to signing a new tenant, current market volatility paired with data and technology innovation mean CRE stakeholders now have both the need and the ability to constantly evaluate and predict risk on an ongoing basis.


    Whether you’re a portfolio, asset or lease manager or part of a finance team –
    This quiz will give you a clear picture of the level of lease risk clarity you currently possess.

    monitor the health of your lease risk assessment process commercial real estate

    Okapi is a pioneering SaaS company providing commercial real estate stakeholders with a dynamic, ongoing predictive lease risk solution. Working with leading customers such as Carr Properties, Oxford Property Group and Avison Young, our vision is to connect the dots for exceptional CRE professionals, bringing risk-clarity and decision-confidence.

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