How it Works

No Change of Infrastructure, No Replacement of Legacy Systems

Just Immediate, Measurable Business Impact

New Business Areas
added to Infrastructure


Set up Okapi Wheel
with Relevant Metrics


Data loads through
Automatic Interface


Open Access to Select Users
who begin recieving Notifications


Customer Success


Okapi Algorithms
Start Running


All we need to implement Okapi is access to your data sources, which we can automatically interface with using our automatic interfaces. We set up our Okapi wheel with your most immediate and crucial goals to determine your top KPIs, allowing us to deliver quick wins for your company.

Implementing Okapi

Our typical rollout is six weeks for setup and implementation, including (but not limited to):

  • Company profile mapping according to vertical, company size, and other fixed parameters
  • Selecting the required outcomes
  • Mapping and integrating required information to ensure data is pulled from relevant sources
  • Choosing the most relevant KPIs from those recommended by the sensitivity analysis algo rithms and confirmed by the company’s business expert

The Next Stage | customer onboarding program

Our expanded engagement is usually 30 to 90 days to enter high-value production.
During this phase, we implement a customer onboarding program including:

  • Training webinars
  • Online materials and Q&A
  • Onboarding notifications
  • Usage gamification features

This helps staff learn how to best use the new system and improves adoption rates across all levels of employees in the organization.

Ready to Gain Competitive Advantage with Okapi's Personal AI Advisor ?

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