Streamline Logistics with the Power of Personalized Push-Notifications

Detect anomalies in normal behavior
and take preventive action

Okapi for Logistics

“With the Machine Learning-based AI solution that we are now using with Okapi, you don’t have to look for the anomalies; they are given to you on a silver platter via personalized push notifications”

Eyal Ben-Amram, CIO, Zim Integrated Shipping Services

Okapi is an intelligent personal advisor to every user, designed to find inconsistencies to improve efficiency

Reduce costs

Ensure fast

Proactively manage
quality issues

Improve service
wait time

Experience a Measurable Impact on Key Business Areas


Minimize service wait times, ensure on-time deliveries, and move towards eradicating waste with Okapi’s productive AI-notifications. Okapi’s AI-notifications spot and notify ongoing negative trends and uncover root causes of customer frustration in real-time to improve long-term satisfaction.


Get a granular view into which processes are working seamlessly, as well as how to find quality problems and make changes ahead of time, before they affect your service lines. Deliver better quality, on time.


In logistics, you need to recognize which parts of your business are profitable, and where you should be making changes. Effortlessly keep track of metrics to ensure you’re getting the lowest logistic costs for your business. Catch unusual changes across multiple customers, payment types or locations, and send this data to managers in the field, helping them improve planning, and work within their department to be proactive. In this way, they can make changes where you’ll see financial results.


Manage your personnel with actionable notifications of real-time workload and performance data: Seamlessly transfer relief staff where necessary and optimize the workload of your staff for success. Easily identify anomalies- such as downsize productivity, or too many hours allotted to a specific workload or project, effortlessly uncovering its root cause.

Ready to Gain Competitive Advantage with Okapi's Personal AI Advisor ?

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