Okapi AI for Manufacturing

Okapi AI uncovers hidden operational intelligence, enabling manufacturing companies to operate efficiently by optimizing day-to-day processes

Quick time to value

  • Automatically generates a model by listening to the data
  • Minimal integration effort from IT

Holistic industrial solution

  • Synergize and harmonize to solve multiple problems at once
  • Leverage data and insights from multiple implementations


Is my production line optimized?

Existing analytics lack in supporting additional improvements.

Production AI

  • Increase Yield
  • Improve Availability
  • Increase Quality

Yield +3%

Supply Chain

Can I reduce my supply chain costs?

Siloed processes spread across multiple processes in the value chain.

Supply Chain AI

  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Optimize Transportation
  • On Time Delivery

Costs -7%

Customer Relations

Can I increase my revenue?

Unable to utilize the full potential of the revenue from customers.

Sales Operation AI

  • Effective Sales Operations
  • Optimize Pricing

Revenue +4%

Ready to optimize your manufacturing operations?

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