Okapi AI for Real Estate

Owner-operators are ignoring the dollar signs in their data

As the real estate industry becomes increasingly competitive, owner-operators need to be diligent when it comes to improving property operations and optimizing building performance.


Okapi AI uses machine learning algorithms that automatically process data being collected throughout a CRE organization and translates it into predictive insights and recommendations that staff can understand and act on quickly. This technology enables property owner-operators to leverage this data to increase tenant satisfaction, improve building operations and drive financial efficiency.

Okapi AI uncovers hidden links between siloed streams of CRE data to reveal insights that empower real estate firms to improve portfolio operations, while integrating into existing workflows.

Tenant Satisfaction

Are my tenants satisfied?

Most landlords have little to no visibility into tenant satisfaction.

Tenant Satisfaction AI

Accurately predicts tenants’ satisfaction in real time

Recommends actions to proactively resolve issues

Satisfaction +10%

Building Operations

Can my buildings run more efficiently?

Service is typically reactive, responding to issues once they pose a real problem.

Service AI

Establish an effective workflow for maintenance and service requests.

Operational Cost -5%

Financial Efficiency

Can my buildings make more revenue?

Complex manual financial processes often lead to errors within CRE organizations.

Financial AI

Eliminate errors in accounts receivable and accounts payable


Revenue +3%

How does it work for me?

Okapi learns tenants and building behavior and predicts when problems are likely to occur. It interacts with relevant team members, offering them recommendations that mitigate the issue before it arises.

Once an issue has occurred, Okapi continuously monitors it and keeps the relevant person in the loop.

Okapi recommends proactive action items that can help remedy the situation and ensure that the goals are met.

Okapi offers a bird's eye view through personalized visual reports ensuring you stay on top of everything.

Ready to optimize your operations?

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